We cherish academics, students love it…

We focus on academics to ensure our students get sound education from coherent curriculum in a sophisticated approach.
Our well-qualified teachers add value to teaching at IFS.


We are committed to offer students a suitable academic atmosphere, which is powered by passion for learning and shared values.

We follow a unique approach known as ‘TIME’ for overall development of every child. At IFS, we inspire students to reach their fullest potential.


[Talent, Innovation, Motivation, Excellence]

Education must help a student become what he/she is best capable of. It can happen when talent of student is identified at an early stage, and then nourished suitably. Our unique approach is meant to fulfill this purpose.

Talent - We try to identify talent of a student at an early stage. It allows us enough time and opportunities to nurture god-given talent in a most suitable way.
Innovation - Every child is unique and exceptional, and inherently possesses creativity. We stimulate young brains for innovation by providing required resources and inspiration.
Motivation - A key to unlock hidden potential of a human being is motivation. We inspire students to take up challenges, do hard work, and achieve set goals.
Excellence - We prepare students to pursue excellence with determination, ambition, and hard work. They get ready to compete in a challenging global market. And success follows excellence.