Kids Tijarat

Blue Day
November 19, 2018
Yellow Day Celebrations
December 20, 2018

Kids Tijarat

Children’s business fairs give kids the opportunity to be entrepreneur- boosting their confidence, teaching valuable lesson and giving them an experience-they will never forget.

It’s a phenomenal! Work done by students and teachers by showing their efforts with unity by smooth conduction of “Kids’ Tijarat” show

We were thrilled to witness the Kid’s Tijarat show conducted by IFS Aghapura and were stunned to see the confidence and enthusiasm of the students and teachers.

It was very pleasing to see the children with so much patience and enthusiasm in each and everything they performed. Many stalls were placed by kid’s right from stationary items till food each and every stall has its own importance in business.

And as for current situation of the country. We need to have more entrepreneur than the job seekers.

And here students have donated their profit as a charity for orphan/old age house which is remarkable sign of moral’s development in kids.

Hope these kids grow with same moral development and as a best entrepreneur of the society.


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