Top XSEED Curriculum School in Hyderabad

xseed school Hyderabad

We at Integral foundation school employ the highly sought-after, practical, and effective approach to learning through the XSEED curriculum. XSEED is a proven, well-acknowledged, and research-based educational program for schools that concentrates on developing thinking skills & problem solving confidence in students. Students taught through the XSEED programs have been known to be more curious and inquisitive in their learning, can effortlessly form their own sentences, greatly enjoy solving word problems in mathematics, are able to independently do their own homework, are confident to speak and hold a conversation in English, are more resilient in solving problems, and do well in their school tests. Integral foundation school is one of the top XSEED schools in Hyderabad.

highly recommended xseed school with xseed curriculumThe skilled and talented teaching staff at Integral Foundation school makes sure that the students are eased into lessons efficiently. Through the XSEED program of learning, the teachers ensure that the students primarily understand the aim of the lesson. The teachers then begin teaching by asking children what they already know about the topic and build their lesson from there. The teachers might then perform an experiment or an activity of some sort to elaborate the concept. This concept based learning helps the students to grasp the lessons easily and also assists them retaining the learnt lessons. Our teachers encourage student curiosity and provide practical applications for lessons wherever possible. Regular assessments and individual support to students is our forte and our priority.

Being a proud patron of the XSEED program, we at Integral Foundation school have teachers who are better equipped and efficiently trained to carry this unique teaching methodology. Our students are provided with not just application practice workbooks in each subject along with the textbooks, but are also regularly assessed in terms of their practical skills in addition to concepts.