Trip to Museum -chowmahalla palace-IFS Aghapura

Trip To Zoo – Pre-primary – Grades II – IFS Aghapura
November 1, 2018
All-School Exhibition / Talent Show
November 19, 2018

Trip to Museum -chowmahalla palace-IFS Aghapura

The main objective of conducting a field trip for students is to reinforce experiential and contextual learning.Field trips are a way of enhancing classroom learning by making real world connections. The trips give students the opportunity to observe a particular environment that enables first-hand experience of what they are learning. In addition, students achieve a higher level of critical thinking when they evaluate their own learning compared with what they get exposed to, and they are able to modify their knowledge based on their personal experiences.

Field trips also offer students and teachers the opportunity to interact outside of the classroom, thus enhancing their bonding with each other and improving their social and life skills.

A historic place visited by IFS Aghapura students of Grade 3 to 7 on 31st october.

The Museum has a magnificent global collection of art objects and antiques not only of Indian origin, but mostly from countries Western, a sizable collection hails from Middle Eastern and Far Eastern origins. Apart from these, there is a Children’s section, a rich reference library which contains reference books, large collection of rare manuscripts etc. Thus, this Museum has become popular, not only as a place of interest but also as an institution for education.

Grandeur of rulers, glory of its past, glimpse of their enigmatic way of living, are still alive in the form of palaces like Chowmahalla Palace,The main attraction was the fountain in front of the nearly 200 year old palace. Intricate carvings on the walls and ceilings of the palace, glass chandeliers with different designs in each Mahal were a mesmerizing sight to the students. The students were enthralled to see the crockery, clothes, furniture, coins and currency notes, pictures from the Nizam era, Vintage car and Buggee display. It was a fun filled day that captured many moments to memory.

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