Trip To Zoo – Pre-primary – Grades II – IFS Aghapura

IFS organised an event to appreciate
October 26, 2018
Trip to Museum -chowmahalla palace-IFS Aghapura
November 1, 2018

Trip To Zoo – Pre-primary – Grades II – IFS Aghapura

The students of nursery to grade II of IFS Aghapura had a gala time by visiting the Nehru Zoological Park. The excitement was clearly depicted on the faces of the students who seemed very eager and enthusiastic by enquiring about the place they were visiting and the animals they would be seeing. Further the enthusiasm developed into leaps and bounds when the zoo authorities provided toy train to go round zoo.

The different species of monkeys and tortoise which were 100 years old fascinated them a lot and children were engrossed enquiring about the same. Further the students visualized the cat family where the two new born cubs, their playfulness and the ramp walk of the lion as well as its pose for the camera mesmerized the students who were reluctant to move further.

After the fulfillment of the pleasure they had with the lion and the cubs they moved on to see the different species of deer where the white deer stood unique. The birds section made them recall our national bird which is the peacock. Not only seeing the birds and the other animals, the students also had the pleasure of playing. They enjoy the see-saw, slides and other swings. On the whole the children had a memorable day and many things to share with their parents.

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