Primary Years Curriculum at IFS Schools makes learners aware of their environment through the lens of empathy for the fellow beings. Learners are engaged with a variety of Teaching activities which focus on their cognitive, physical, spiritual and social development. Learners are encouraged to enquire, question and explore the topics both individually and in teams which fosters the 21st Century Skills like Creative thinking, Problem solving, Creativity, and Collaboration.

The School follows XSeed Curriculum which has proven itself to enhance SELF LEARNING skills and make children poignant and persistent explorers of their own learning. Multimedia is used as a support to reinforce concepts and the idea is to connect classroom to real life experiences. Expression is encouraged both orally and written to help develop their communication and self-confidence.

Our Qualified and experienced Staff are regularly trained throughout the year to ensure they focus on the success of all types of learners in their class. Teachers and Parents partnership at this stage helps the young learners successfully explore the world around them while acquiring crucial skills for the progressive years.


The Secondary School follows the State Board Syllabus from Grade 6 on wards Sports and Games , Computers, Clubs and Community Service activities ensures that students are groomed to reach their best potential.

Educational trips, Interactive teaching learning in classrooms, Digital Classes, and emphasis on self discipline helps our students achieve more . Well Qualified and Dedicated teaching staff follow student centric approach which ensures all students get motivated to become achievers. Student Council and various other responsibilities ensure leadership is developed along with strong character. Communication is enhanced with use of Technology and special attention is paid to self expression helping them to become better at public speaking. Continuous form of Assessment through Tests , Projects , Assignments, Debates, Discussions etc ensures students promote the habits self learning. Parents and teachers act as partners in ensuring students gain an aptitude for Careers and a global outlook.